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Our Access Control Solution is partnered with ISONAS, the first access control company to design and manufacture a cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door solution that eliminates needless complexity—including inconvenient control panels, separate power supply, and dedicated hard-wiring. Their network-based PowerNet reader-controllers offer a patented technology that easily integrates through their PURE IP Cloud Based Software with our other solutions (Surveillance, RFID LR Parking and Data) to deliver more simplicity, greater value, and total flexibility to go places you never thought possible. With 50,000+ readers already installed worldwide across a range of commercial and private organizations, ISONAS provides a proven solution that is revolutionizing the industry.



Our patented PowerNet™ reader-controller provides the first “pure IP” to the door solution that eliminates the need for a separate power supply, control panel and dedicated hard wiring.

The Pure IP™ hardware family from ISONAS offers a suite of products that allow you to customize your access control solution. Our Reader -Controller continues to take advantage of our patented technology and remains an all in one intelligent device; eliminating the need for a panel and allowing you to take advantage of your existing network.



Compared to traditional systems that require more equipment, labor and maintenance, the total cost of ownership is far less.

Don’t just secure your organization. Secure your bottom line. With our “Pure IP” to-the-door technology, ISONAS can help you reduce equipment, complexity and time to install – and help you save big on your total cost of ownership so that your budget goes farther.



The ability to easily integrate with other systems and go where other access control solutions can’t gives you the freedom to adapt to changing needs.

ISONAS provides an access control solution that enables effortless integration with your existing systems – or new ones over time. When you switch to our "pure IP" system, the TCP/IP interface works with your existing topography, and delivers a rich command set that provides a wide range of features across the paired system. From video management systems, to physical security information systems, to time accounting and management systems, to Microsoft Active Directory, our easy-to-install technology and easy-to-understand process eliminates any need for re-training so that you’re ready to go from day one.

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