When it comes to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Long Range Parking & Traffic Solutions we partner the leading manufacturers for automatic vehicle identification. Our readers and tags are used to identify vehicles and their drivers in vehicle access control systems at parking facilities and gated communities, taxi dispatch systems, vehicle monitoring solutions at mining and industrial sites, bus and truck tracking and many other long-range vehicle identification applications.


  • RFID Systems lessen monitoring needs and increase productivity.

  • RFID Systems make it easier to respond to new or unexpected circumstances.

  • No human intervention is necessary – resulting in fewer errors and greater reliability.

  • RFID Systems provide process monitoring, shipment & asset tracking, improved visibility & traceability.

  • RFID Systems increase security and deter unauthorized entrants.

  • RFID Systems are convenient, efficient and reliable.


  • Automatic, hands-free identification and data logging without human intervention.

  • Reliable RFID resulting in optimized ROI.

  • Reduce carbon emissions in parking structures without compromising strategic goals.

  • Systems do not require a costly site license to install or operate.

  • Systems provide a high degree of security and sophisticated credential authentication.

  • Integrate seamlessly with any new or existing system.

  • Advanced technology enables our Readers to deliver the longest read ranges in the industry.


  • Quick and efficient vehicle throughput resulting in less congestion

  • Reduced tailgating and unauthorized entry

  • Separate lanes for residents and visitors

  • Hands-free vehicle access

  • Increased security, with no need for security guards

  • Remote monitoring and control using dedicated software, including live video integration

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • No need for vehicle to get close to bollard, resulting in reduced maintenance/damage costs

  • Specific vehicle access rights to different areas within the community

  • Easy integration with a manual operation gate system

A gated community can increase residents’ perception of security and drastically improve home values, but not at the expense of an ineffective or inefficient entry/exit system. RFID can make your community more secure, convenient, and reliable.


  • More efficient lot monitoring and parking enforcement, leading to increased confidence and revenue

  • Reliable, convenient Tag fulfillment for any size college or university

  • Restrict user access to specific lots and areas

  • Reduced need to hire security personnel

  • Remote monitoring and control using ACTS software

  • Increased student and staff satisfaction, and reduced maintenance costs

  • Custom Tag options with logo-printing capability

  • Easy integration with existing systems

Our Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems in parking applications maximize throughput, reduce back-up, and enhance security. The RFID system provides long read ranges of up to 50 feet (15 meters) using Tags and high-security transmission protocols. The operating frequency and low output power eliminate the need for site licenses. We also offers custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements and preferences. Tags for parking applications can be customized to include colors, logos, validation dates and more, making it easy for lot personnel to identify unauthorized vehicles. Universities appreciate the increased security and added value that our RFID solution provides.


  • Quick, convenient entry and exit for regular users in lots and garages

  • Reduced CO2 emissions caused by vehicle queues

  • Hands-free vehicle access, with no need to roll down the window or stop the vehicle late at night

  • Remote monitoring and control using dedicated software, including live video integration

  • Increased customer and staff satisfaction

  • More secure than “clickers,” which can easily be passed back or shared with unauthorized users

  • Easy integration with existing system

With the implementation of Readers and Tags, Hospitals are able to effectively and efficiently track, monitor, control and manage parking usage. Additionally, security is dramatically increased, as only vehicles with valid Tags are able to gain access to the reserved section within parking areas. Due to the speed of entry and exit facilitated by the RFID AVI solution, traffic flow is smoother; staff members experience improved convenience and are able to report to duty much more quickly with considerably less stress than before, and doctors or nurses on 3rd shift are able to gain access without having to roll down their window in the middle of the night.


  • Frequency Hopping and Squelching technologies prevent Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

  • Heightened airport security

  • Real-time traffic monitoring using dedicated software

  • Limit entrance to authorized ground transport, security, and maintenance vehicles

  • Faster vehicle throughput

Airport operators and their partners understand that ground transportation response time is an important part of the customer experience at the airport. Offering excellent service and quick response times all within a secure context can greatly increase overall customer satisfaction. Our solution increases customer satisfaction through heightened security, removal of unlicensed taxis, reduced traffic congestion, and guaranteed taxi availability.

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