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Axis Technologies looks at business technology differently, offering your company the most comprehensive range of services to help you get the most from your telecommunication and electronics equipment. Axis Technologies provides an array of technology related services for end users and suppliers; from planning and installation to repair, maintenance and warranty as well as inventory services. We can even purchase your excess inventory and retired equipment!


Axis Technologies is pleased to provide competitive leasing arrangements on computer, electronics and telecommunications equipment and systems. Now, you have the opportunity to own the system you need right away!

With Axis Technologies leasing arrangements, you take advantage of favorable tax treatment and you still have access to the most competitively priced inventory of telecommunications gear in the industry.

Benefits of our leasing option:

Tax Treatment. The IRS does not consider an operating lease or a true lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible overhead expense. This means you can deduct lease payments from corporate income for more favorable returns.

100% Financing. With leasing, there it little money down - typically, only the first and last month's lease payment. This allows you more money to dedicate to your growing business.

Immediate Write-Off of Dollars Spent. Your equipment need not be depreciated over five to seven years.

Flexibility. As your business grows or expands, you can easily upgrade your equipment to match your changing needs.

Speed. Leasing can give you the ability to respond quickly to new opportunities - with minimal downtime.

Savings. Leasing equipment can traditionally be done at a better rate and at less expense than loans offer.


Axis Technologies's Inventory and Logistics Services gives you more options. We can buy your idle inventory and in-source your logistics by stocking and consolidating your products for you. Whether your equipment is in process, surplus or used Axis Technologies can buy, repair, refurbish, receive and re-ship, allowing you to outsource warehousing and inventory functions.

Inventory Services:

  • Do you have networking and technology equipment to sell or trade? Send us your inventory list today.

  • Generate revenue from your idle networking and technology equipment

  • Receive cash or credit memo towards another purchase

  • We pay to transport any hardware we buy

  • Quick response within 48 to 72 hours.

Logistics Services:

Axis Technologies's Logistics Services help you maximize revenues while minimizing logistical and operational costs. Our asset management services can protect your telecom investments by lowering costs, increasing efficiency and extending the life of systems while providing complete, accurate historical information when you need it.

  • Online, real time access to your inventory through our inventory tracking system is available 24 hours a day.

  • Customized reports designed to meet any reporting criteria from stock status to itemized sales production.

  • Procurement services to assist customers in finding products and/or components not readily available.

  • Maintenance, and warranty support.


Axis Technologies provides a range of support options to keep your business running smoothly. From telephone support to remote care, we keep your business running. We take your success seriously. That's why Axis Technologies supports what we sell with outstanding customer care and technical support. We know that down-time is unacceptable, so we respond immediately.

We offer:

  • Telephone Support

  • Remote Maintenance

  • Software upgrades

  • Emergency response

  • Email updates and technical newsletters.

​Check out our industry leading warranties and extended warranties on all New, Refurbished and Used Telecom/Data/Electrionics Equipment. Our warranty exclusions include Acts of God, Warranty emblem not intact or no serial number, Software -key codes - voice mails, Manufacturer Discontinued items.


Axis Technologies can repair your existing equipment, provide you with manufacturer certified refurbished equipment or 3rd party refurbished equipment. We mainly repair and refurbished telecom gear but we strongly recommend the purchase of refurbished items from all our product portfolio, not only because your savings but also as an enviromental responsibility action. Remanufacturing is an example of Axis Technologies commitment to minimizing its environmental impact through "reduce, reuse and recycle". Units returned to Axis Technologies through a Trade-in Program (migration program), Return Material Authorizations (RMAs), end-of-lease, and end-of-life customer returns, are remanufactured when possible.

We are offering customers:

  • Quality equal to manufacturers' repair

  • Better prices, and more responsive service

  • Warrantied work

Axis Technologies can make your phone systems and components look and function as good as when they first rolled off the assembly line:

  • ​Exterior surfaces and chassis repainted, replaced, cleaned and buffed

  • New components thoroughly tested

  • We can even update many products to the latest manufacturer release by incorporating software revisions and upgrading circuit cards.


DATA SERVICES. Axis Technologies's DATA SERVICES includes a wide array of solutions to small and midsize organizations. We offer: IT OUSOURCING, BACK UPS, NETWORK SECURITY, ANTIVIRUS/SPAM FILTER/SPYWARE, LAN & WAN NETWORKING.

For more details on our SERVICES please contact us at (786) 441-2257 and one of our IT Service Specialists will assist you.

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